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Writing great content

Ideas on writing great content

Content is the best optimization. Any type of optimization is effective only in combination with high quality and unique content. Ideally, the text contains keywords that highlights the overall theme of the post. The content should be understandable and readable. Use your keywords wisely. Text should be written primarily for visitors, not for search engines.

It’s really important that you give your content the best chance possible of being found on Google. You can make some changes outlined in this article that will help significantly.

Content fuels your SEO Hull strategy and is the most important part in determining your search rankings. However, if you’re still creating content around specific keywords, you’re doing it wrong. Google has become much smarter over the years and does not need you to stuff your content repeatedly with your target keyword.

Media is an important part of any website. However, they can either completely ruin or improve your SEO efforts. How you tag and name your images will determine your SEO. With proper tagging, you are most likely to improve your chances of being ranked higher in image searches.

ALT text refers to the ALT attribute or alternative text that is applied on images on your WordPress site. ALT tags are used by Google to see how relevant your image is to the content around it. They are also used by screen readers for visually impaired people. For example, if someone was using the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, ALT text can actually help them navigate the page better. You should always add ALT text to your images. And if you haven’t been, go back and do it now.

I recommend you blog as much as possible! But make sure you are pushing out quality content. The Internet is so over saturated with inbound marketing that you really need to take the time to create a great post. You can use this post as an example of the quality of content you should be creating. Also, if it is really short most of the time it doesn’t rank well.

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